Grade B Maple Syrup – A Healthy Sweetner

A number of combination of foods just go together perfectly and maple syrup and pancakes is probably one of the most popular food combinations around. Maple syrup derives it’s name from the Maple tree as well as extracted from the bark of the tree. The process of acquiring syrup from Maple trees goes back many hundreds of years together with goes as far back since American Indians. Grade b maple syrup is a luscious sweetener as well as a very healthy treat. It is frequently used as a condiment to add flavor to food or confectionary. Grade b syrup contains large proportions of vitamins and amino acids. This is the reason health experts prefer this syrup as the best alternative to sugar syrup or any other sweetener that contains artificial supplements.

Today, sap is still extracted from Maple trees though the process has become more sophisticated and efficient. Maple syrup is cherished the whole world over for it’s sweet taste and of course it isn’t only put to use with pancakes or waffles! For such a worldwide recognized meal it might be a surprise for some to learn that original syrup can only be from a very small corner of North America and bottles of this authentic syrup is marked with a leaf to signify where it hails buy lexapro from.

Organic grade b maple syrup is darker in color than any other maple syrup grades; it has a strong and slightly caramel flavor. This is the best quality of graded maple syrup and people often use it in cooking and baking. Grade b syrup is generally yielded in the season by collecting sap from the maple trees. The reason for this darker color and thicker consistency is the sugar level present in the sap before and after the season. At the beginning of the season, you get pale color syrup whereas later it produces the darkest syrup with the most nutrients. The organic grade b maple syrup contains only natural preservative that make the syrup long-lasting and keeps it organic. Other grades of syrup go through artificial processes for refinement of the product. This process strips all of the natural and essential elements out of it and adds unwanted chemical that affects the taste, and texture of the syrup.

The syrup could have more far reaching properties as compared to simply its taste as a recent study by United States scientists found evidence that it could help combat certain types of diabetes! Early studies seem to suggest that maple syrup has even more advantages than berries and has brought about an increase in the sales of the product both in the U.S. and abroad. The syrup is also packed full of iron, zinc, and calcium all of which help to boost our immune system. So the next time you pour the cognac colored syrup over your pancakes think to yourself that it is probably good for your health as well as your taste buds.

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