Find Out If The Maple Syrup Detox Is Right For You?

The Maple Syrup Detox is also called the Master Cleanse or Lemon Diet (even Lemonade Diet). This simple cleanse was the brainchild of naturopath Stanley Burroughs in the 1940s. Since then many people are happily doing this detox several times a year.

Detoxification is a necessary part of keeping up with health and wellness in this day and age, wherein we’re frequently bombarded by foreign chemicals. From the artificial ingredients in the foods we consume to the nasty chemicals lingering in the air we inhale and exhale, our bodies are painkillers online assaulted every day by substances they aren’t designed to process. Over time, these toxins and waste products build up within the body, leading to symptoms of fatigue, sluggishness, weight gain and many others.

By eliminating food for 10 days, the Maple Syrup Detox supplies the body – especially the digestive system – a chance to rest and focus its energy on getting rid of these kinds of toxins. The results of this thorough “house cleaning” contain improved mental function, greater defense reply and better overall feelings of health and wellness. Additionally, most participants on the Maple Syrup Detox lose an average of 10-20 pounds over the 10 days.

The Maple Syrup Detox is easy to do. You simply drink at least 60oz of the special lemonade throughout the day. So what can you hope to achieve with this particular detox. You are cleansing your body of toxins (here the longer you do the detox up to the recommended 10 days the better). You health has improved and therefore you won’t be getting sick so often. You can also expect increased vitality as your energy levels improve as well as clearer skin, shiny hair and eyes, your nails should be stronger and of course weight loss. The initial weight loss won’t last as you will gradually go back to your normal diet.

Please do not make the mistake of returning to your old eating habits at once. In fact, it’s highly likely that your body will revolt if you do. After the detox, make yourself a fresh vegetable soup and just drink the broth. Next day you can have the vegetables too. Take several days to introduce different foods.

It is recommended to consult your doctor before doing the detox. The main thing is to take things easy and listen to your body whilst on the maple syrup detox and afterwards.

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